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Welcome back Kavitha

Kavitha Pottammal was a visiting PhD intern from CDS at the Department of Management, Society and Communication at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) from 23 January to 30 March, 2017. Kavitha recounts below, her reflections and experiences while at the CBS.

First of all I would like to thank CDS for giving me this wonderful opportunity to do a PhD visit at the Department of Management, Society and Communication, Copenhagen Business School (CBS). The reason for choosing this department was because of the match between my area of research and the centre’s specialisation.

My PhD visit was for two and a half months starting from 20th January 2017. The department gave me a warm welcome and all the facilities I required, including a separate office room and Library access. As part of this visit I could participate in seminars, presentations and cultural events etc. Further, Professor Karin Buhmann, my supervisor at CBS recommended me to attend a 3-Day PhD diploma Course on ‘Publishing Journal articles in Business and Organizational Studies’. It was an excellent course which provided me with the different steps of writing, reviewing and publishing good research papers in standard international journals.

I also  presented a paper titled ‘Factors Determining Corporate Social Responsibility in the Indian Manufacturing Sector’. The audience was so cordial and helpful and made me feel so comfortable. The session was more of discussion rather than presentation, so that I could get more comments and suggestions on how to improve the paper.  Above all, meeting with eminent professors and research scholars at CBS has helped me to develop new insights on definition and conceptual clarifications, as well as methodological issues.

Apart from giving an academic ambience, CBS provided me with a number of opportunities to participate in cultural events including CBS PRME, Sustainable goodies, Opera and so on. Copenhagen is a really cool city. People in general are very helpful there. Almost all are able to communicate in English. The architecture is really impressive. And it seems to me that the Danes are really into using spaces in new and innovative ways. Fortunately, it was so exciting for me being the lucky winner of Sustainable Goodies Basket.

It was a great time in Copenhagen. I really enjoyed the lunch time discussions with professors and other CBS scholars. My recommendation to the future candidates for PhD visit is to have a draft paper or a specific research objective to be fulfilled during the visit.

CBS is an institution of wide ranging departments from corporate social responsibility to innovation and international economics. CBS can be a potential institution to be considered for their PhD visit for those who are working in these areas.