Fees, Financial Assistance and Accommodation

CDS follows the JNU fee structure

1. Tuition Fee : Rs 120 per semester
2. JNU Enrollment fee: Rs 3615 (Subject to revision by JNU)

1. Tuition Fee : Rs 120 per semester
2. JNU Enrollment fee: Rs 5615 (Subject to revision by JNU)

US $ 600 per semester for foreign nationals; candidates from SAARC countries shall be considered for reduced rates.

All the selected candidates will be offered Fellowships, available under various schemes.

CDS MPhil Fellowship: @ Rs.6000 per month with a contingency grant of Rs. 6000 for four semesters (24 months).

ICSSR Institutional Doctoral Fellowships: @ 16,000 with a contingency grant of Rs. 15,000 for three years. . ICSSR has a scheme with salary protection for University/ College Teachers.

CDS Endowment Fellowships: Two fellowships under the NATIONAL RESEARCH PROGRAMME ON PLANTATION DEVELOPMENT, funded by the Government of India, Ministry of Commerce, are available to selected scholars who plan to work on aspects of Plantation Development. These Fellowships have the maximum tenure of four years and emoluments are at UGC rates

JET Fellowship : The Journalist Education Trust, Bangalore has a Fellowship Scheme to enable a working Journalist to take time off and pursue a course of study at an academic institution so as to gain the intellectual and educational grounding essential for their work. Postgraduates in Journalism are also eligible to apply for this fellowship.

  • Journalists can opt for either the two semester course-work or the full Programme.
  • Selected Scholars, who have qualified for UGC’s JRF and the RGNF for SC/ST candidates can avail of such fellowships for the CDS Programme
  • Selected Scholars from SC/ST communities of Kerala can seek assistance under the Government of Kerala Fellowship Scheme (currently @ 75% of UGC JRF/SRF)..


All selected candidates will be provided accommodation in the CDS Hostels (separate for Men and Women ) in the Campus

The CDS Hostels have 27 rooms for women and 33 rooms for men. The rooms are well equipped with attached bath and for single occupancy. (Room rent Rs. 500 per month for Ph.D scholars; Rs. 250 per month for M.Phil scholars holding CDS M.Phil fellowships and Rs. 500 per month for scholars with salary protection and fellowships with HRA). A faculty member residing in the campus is assigned as Hostel Warden

The Campus is serviced by a Cafeteria, which serves simple wholesome food on Indian Cuisine.

The Campus has recreation facilities.
CDS promotes a healthy lifestyle and fosters close interaction with the families of staff members living in the campus.


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