How to Overcome Intimidation How to Overcome Intimidationby Kent Sayre There’s wholesale jerseys no such thing as intimidation. There’s no such thing. There’s no such cheap jerseys thing. What I’m getting at here is that intimidation is not a "thing". If you feel intimidated by something cheap jerseys or someone, cheap nfl jerseys it’s a process you’re doing mentally. Nothing more. And because you’re doing this process that causes you to feel "intimidated", you can also do a process that causes you to feel confident. Here’s why. You’ve had times in your past where you were NOT intimidated. Right? Times when you just did feel comfortable all around? If you answered yes, and I’m betting you did, then you can stop feeling intimidated. Think cheap jerseys china about the process of being intimidated or being confident as two separate computer programs for your mind’s computer. You can run one program and feel intimidated. Or you can run another program and feel confident. The problem is that people don’t recognize that any intimidation they feel is just a result of them running
Hidden Fears Hinder Sales services, even yourself (in a job interview), Cheap Football Jerseys your fear may be blockingProcrastinating. "Sales Call Reluctance" is just a fancy phrase for fear. When wholesale nfl jerseys we procrastinate, fear is running nfl jerseys china the show. Procrastination is often present when fear cheap nhl jerseys china causes us to mix up our priorities and do everything else but work on making the sale. Whining. Underneath this activity is the fear that we are going to get punished. This is an attempt wholesale jerseys to gain sympathy and support for our mistakes and poor results. We may also fear that we are not going to get our rewards. We may hope that whining will be accepted as an excuse for missing our sales targets. Blaming. This is an age old tactic learned in childhood. If we can find someone else or something else to blame, will think we will escape punishment. Again fear is causing us to focus on the perceived threat rather than on the potential sale. Perseverating. This means doing the same thing over and over again. I call this the sign of the "One Pitch
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