Working Papers

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Thiagu Ranganathan and Avina Mendonca
Relative Educational Status and Women’s Autonomy: Evidence from India
WP 494

Anurag Anand
Economic policy reforms, foreign direct investment and the patterns of MNC presence in India: Overall and sectoral shares
WP 493

S. Irudaya Rajan and Udaya S. Mishra
Resource allocation in lieu of state’s demographic achievements in India: An evidence based approach
WP 492

Hrushikesh Mallick
Role of governance and ICT infrastructure in tax revenue mobilization in India
WP 491

Sudip Chaudhuri
How effective has been Government measures to control prices of anti-cancer medicines in India ?
WP 490

Sunil Mani
History Does Matter:  India’s Efforts at Developing a Domestic Mobile Phone Manufacturing Industry
WP 489

K. P. Kannan
India’s Social Inequality as Durable Inequality: Dalits and Adivasis at the Bottom of an Increasingly Unequal Hierarchical Society
WP 488

Sunandan Ghosh and Vinoj Abraham
The Case of the ‘Missing Middle’ in the Indian Manufacturing Sector: a Firm-Level Analysis
WP 487

Chandril Bhattacharyya
Unionised Labour Market, Environment and Endogenous Growth
WP 486

Pulapre Balakrishnan and M. Parameswaran
The Dynamics of Inflation in India
WP 485

R. Mohan
Finance Commissions and Federal Fiscal Relations in India – Analysing the Awards of 11th to 14th Finance Commissions
WP 484

S. Irudaya Rajan and K.C. Zachariah
Emigration and Remittances: New Evidences from the Kerala Migration Survey, 2018
WP 483

K.P. Kannan
Wage Inequalities in India
WP 482

Mijo Luke
Globalisation and the Re-Articulations of the Local: A Case Study from Kerala’s Midlands
WP 481

Sunandan Ghosh
Enlargement Decisions of Regional Trading Blocs with Asymmetric Members
WP 480