Professor A Vaidyanathan (1931-2020)

The Centre is deeply saddened to announce the passing away of Professor A Vaidyanathan on Thursday, the 11th of June 2020.

Professor A Vaidyanathan has served the Centre for Development Studies (CDS) with great distinction as a Professorial Fellow during the period 1976 through 1984. He was also an acting Director of the Centre during a very brief period in early 1981. Subsequently, he was Chairman of the Governing Body (1998-2002)  and was also an Honorary Fellow of the Centre until his passing away.  Professor Vaidyanathan had great affection and interest for the Centre and he kept in touch with our activities and was always available for advice and discussing difficulties.

The Centre’s alumni, faculty and students met on Thursday, the 11th of June and reflected over the life and contributions of Vaidy (as he is affectionately called).

A compilation of the condolence messages, links to obituary articles written by alumni and a complete list of publications of Professor Vaidyanathan can be found here.