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  4. and motivating taglines call the audience to take action. What makes a good tagline or slogan? Good taglines are first and foremost differentiating. In a sea of similar offerings, consumers notice brands that stand out, and creative taglines help brands differentiate from competitors. Apple’s brand rejuvenation in 1997 is one example: to counter flagging sales and a tarnished image, it launched a revolutionary advertising campaign. Its new tagline, “Think Different” was a refreshing spin on IBM’s “Think.” Rather than trying to compete with the reputation for reliability and trustworthiness of its chief competitor, Apple positioned itself as a dynamic brand with inventive alternatives to the status quo. Meters/bonwe, China’s leading casual clothesline brand, uses the line “p8,” which roughly translates to “Not walking the conventional road.” Mercedes Benz uses “Engineered like no other car in the world.” Both taglines work wonders for these companies because they suggest a benefit to consumers who buy their products. Successful taglines not only draw attention.

  5. He dropped the plan when it became obvious that the Obama administration had no intention of pushing Karzai from power. Working the phones late at night from his home in the San Diego suburbs, Clarridge maintained a network of spies who were gathering information on Taliban groups such as the Haqqani network. Through a Pentagon contract overseen by Lockheed Martin, Clarridge and his team were paid $22 million for their work and filed of intelligence reports to military commanders in Afghanistan. The CIA had always been unhappy about Clarridge freelance spying operation, and his contract was not renewed in 2010. He was angry that his former employer to be the reason that the operation had been shut down. Mazzetti, a national security correspondent for the New York Times, asserts that the on terror has damaged the CIA ability to understand the really important political developments in the Muslim world, such as the Arab Spring. As a senior Obama official explained, noting the agency emphasis on drone strikes and hunting down alQaeda leaders: CIA missed Tunisia.
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  12. Taking over the corner of Praia do Flamengo with Rua Paissand, the project of Henri Sajous articulated the two facades of the building through the cylindrical volume of the corner, which was furnished with glass and grated with delicate ornamentations, smoothing the encounter of the two portions of the building. The result is an elegant and proportional set of lines. Paysandu Hotel: This is another epoch building worthwhile paying a visit. The Hotel faade and the hotel hanging sign couldn’t represent more the art deco style. The hotel reached its popularity peak in the fifties, when it accommodated Uruguay National Soccer Team during the 1950 World Cup in Rio. Uruguay eventually won the cup adding prestige to the hotel. Botafogo, one of the most traditional soccer teams in Rio, also used to Paysandu Hotel to prepare for its important games. Mythical soccer player Man Garrincha and Nilton Santos were frequent guests of Paysandu Hotel. These are only some of Flamengos architectural gems. Other art buildings in the neighborhood include the Modern Art Museum.
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